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Name:Lois Joanne Lane
The plan consisted of four things:
1. Pretend it's a tea party. Be on time, polite, and go by the schedule without protest. (In other words, not like what happened in Iowa... or Kentucky... or Minnesota.)
2. Don't swim with sharks. No need to make enemies right off the bat. (Even if they're jerks, and you're just standing up for someone they're tormenting, like in California. And Germany. And Michigan.)
3. Make like an invisible girl. Stay on the right side of the teachers and the principle. (And the best is if they barely notice that you exist. Again, even if they're jerks, or wrong about something, or completely in New Mexico, Arizona, and Alabama.)
4. Make a friend.

- Fallout: Lois Lane by Gwenda Bond, chapter 2

“I don’t know if it’s ridiculous, but your eyes are bright purple. Probably not out there, huh?”
[. . .] “Um, actually, they’re violet out there too. I know it’s crazy, like some color in a bad novel.”

- Fallout: Lois Lane by Gwenda Bond, chapter 8

[ Lois Lane is the property of DC Comics, originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This imagining of her is based on the works of Gwenda Bond (Fallout, Double Down, Triple Threat). This journal is for RP purposes only; no profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Please note that while the player is well over 18, the character and in the image the PB (I believe) are not. Act accordingly. ]
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